"Get Your First or Next Deal In The Next 90-120 Days... Plus The Mindset and Mechnics To Live Your Real Estate Dreams Today."

Real estate investing isn't something you learn, it's something you do.

It all sounds good on paper, but then you get into streets... you start looking for investment properties, talking to agents and sellers, and making offers.

You try your best to look the part, but game can smell a newbie.

You don't know what you don't know, and when it comes to real estate investing, the devil is in the detail... and what you don't know, can kill your dreams.

That's where experience gives you the advantage.

My name is Candle Lockett.

I used to be an elementary school teacher working in Dubai.

Today, I'm a full-time real estate investor living the dream in South Georgia.

It wasn't easy for me to get started and succeed in real estate investing.

I had to figure most things out on my own, keep myself motivated, and deal with all kinds of business buddies determined to keep 'that gal' in her place.

You know that saying, "been there, done that, got the tee-shirt?"

Well, I've got five tee-shirts, and they're all bloody!!!

Why This Protege Mentoring

I promised myself that when I figured this out, I would find a way to help others.

That's why I created the Real Estate Investing Masterclass, an online course showing you the mindset and mechanics of real estate investing.

People love the course, you get all the essential knowledge you need.

But what you can't get from videos is the 'gut' and 'feel' that comes when you've looked at hundreds of properties and managed flips and rehabs first-hand.

The kind of real estate mentoring you get in this protege program trains you to see what others can't see so you can spot opportunity and avoid mistakes that sink others.

Having a mentor also helps bulletproof your mindset so you have the courage to take confident action even when you're just getting started as a real estate investor.

Your Real Estate Mentoring Advantage

Mentorship is always the faster way to master anything.

Of course, you have to do the work and a mentor gives you the real-world edge so you can shorten the curve, skip the hurdles, and succeed faster.

That's what I'm offering you in 2022 – if you're sincere and ready.

Here's How This Works

Our goal together is to do your first or next deal in the next 90 to 120 days.

We'll begin with a strategy call to map out a plan.

Then, we'll work together in a small group so you stay focused, motivated, and take consistent action. You'll have personal access to me, a 1:1 call each month to work through any personal stuff that comes up. You'll also have a private text number so you can ask questions and get help.  No one left behind.

When you spot a deal, you'll have my experience and eyes to help you evaluate the opportunities, structure profitable offers, and manage flips, rehabs, etc.

Imagine the confidence and advantage you'll have to build your real estate dream.

Get Started Now Risk-Free

This is the highest level of mentoring I offer.

But it's not for everyone.

Protege is reserved for those who are ready to invest in real estate.

You're getting five months of access to accelerated group and private mentoring, exclusive training calls, offer engineering, and more for just $2,500. It's a bargain fee when you consider the fact that people pay me $500 per hour of consulting.

Are you ready to begin living your dream as a real estate investor?

Your first step is a confidential call with me to go over your specific goals and situation. I'll listen, help you assess your readiness, and make a plan to move forward. Then, if we both agree this is right for you, we'll get started.

Time For Action

(1) First, use the secure form below to reserve your strategy call for just $100. This refundable deposit let's me that you're serious and ready to get started.

(2) Second, once you complete your refundable deposit, you will see a page to schedule your strategy call with me. Pick a time that works for you. You'll get a confirmation by email so you can add the appointment to your calendar.

Schedule you call with me right now while it's still fresh in your mind.


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