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Of course you want to invest in real estate.

You want the financial peace of mind and security that comes from knowing you've got another stream of income, and wealth-building assets of real value.

But sometimes it feels like the game is stacked against you.

I understand. My name is Candle Lockett.

Not so long ago, I was an elementary school teacher in AbuDhabi, UAE.

Life was pretty good.

But then my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He lived here in America.

I had to leave my job to be with him but I couldn't figure out how to pay my bills.

I flew home on just in time for Father's dayon a wing and a prayer.

One day, my father gave me a list of addresses and told me to go to each house and collect the rent. The rent collected paid all my bills! I had no idea!!!

The whole experience was life changing for me.

After his passing I wanted to preserve the properties so I got my real estate license. I was determined to learn the ropes, honor my father's legacy, and help others to invest in real estate.

Today, real estate allows me to have more of the life I want without financial worry.

I know you want more freedom and peace of mind too.

That's why I've put together this special offer for new real estate investors and those ready for their next level of investing.

Now you can:

gain multiple streams of passive income
win back time for the people and things that matter most to you
leverage real estate to get anything you want
change your money mindset and your entire life
create multi-generational wealth

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Here's What You'll Get

The Real Estate Investors Masterclass ($299 value)
Live your real estate dreams: 8+ hours of step-by-step training from an active investor • six proven strategies to invest in real estate • get the 411 on financing and build a reliable team • everything, including contract templates! Buy your first property in as little as 90 days. Instant, lifetime access plus all future updates.
Your Real Estate Game Action Plan & Playbook ($625 value)
You don't just need the right information to succeed, you need a plan. So we're getting together live over Zoom as a group to make sure you get the most of the course. You also get the recording so you can review it anytime.

You'll walk away with your
personalized Real Estate Investing Game Plan for 2022. Know exactly what to do first, second, third... so you can take confident action now—whether it’s getting your finances right or finding your first or next property!
New for 2022: The Real Estate Investors Mastermind ($594 value)
No one succeeds alone. You're gonna face obstacles, but you don't have to go it alone. That's why I've added this exclusive benefit: mastermind mentoring plus a community of like-minded people to make sure you don't get stuck of stopped.

Part 1: Once a month, a one-hour 'action class' with actual 'case studies', deal breakdowns, and Q&A. Speed your confidence and spring into action!

Part 2: Then, later in the month, a follow-up session where everyone checks in and gets celebrated for taking action. This is the 'secret sauce' that gives you the best chance for success. No one left behind.

You get six months complimentary access. What happens after the six months? You can continue at a special charter member rate, about three bucks a day.
Your Real Estate Mentor at Work ($197 value)
Private, password-protected updates for members only.  Get the inside track on what’s working now, inspirational success stories, and more. Plus you can submit questions answered in the newsletter for the benefit of everyone.

Find a great deal, I'll help you evaluate it

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